Our GLASC meeting for April was our first WebEx “online” meeting hosted by August Mack Environmental, Inc. – https://augustmack.com/

Our Presenter: Travis Bennett – Compliance Specialist, educated us on the Topic of : “Home – Office Ergonomics”. Travis covered ergonomics and designing an ergonomic workstation at home or in the office – See pictures and information below.

Thanks again to Ed Callahan, Sally McNealy and Travis Bennett from August Mack Environmental, Inc. for hosting our 1st GLASC online event!

On behalf of the GLASC Executive Board, we hope our membership and their families are staying safe, healthy and positive!

Home Ergonomic Presentation – https://glasc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Home-Ergonomic-Presentation.pdf

Website Links discussed during meeting- https://glasc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Links-discussed.docx

February 2020 Meeting

February 2020 Meeting

Our GLASC meeting for February was held at GE Aviation in Lafayette, IN


Thank you to our Lunch Sponsor: Jim Seneczco from AFC International, Inc.


Also, thank you to our Guest Speaker: Jim Seneczco from AFC International, Inc. His topic for presentation on “See What Can’t Be Seen”- Gas & Vapor Detection had us all thinking and motivated to review our air quality wherever we may go!

Thanks again to GE Aviation for hosting our event and to Jim & AFC for the lunch and topic!



Our GLASC meeting for December was held at the Double Tree by Hilton Lafayette East Hotel. Our lunch was amazing and full of a variety of food to choose from.

I want to Thank all our Members for a wonderful year of meetings with insightful topics and networking opportunities. We saw new faces at almost every meeting and hope that continues into 2020.

Thank you to all who donated today to the Salvation Army- Coats, Jackets, Hats, Gloves, Shoes.

  • 2019- Recap:
  • 5th Annual GLASC Safety Expo was a huge success. 
  • New topics, new vendors/ sponsors, new food options, 22 door prizes awarded
  • Donations awarded to Food Finders Food Bank (131 pounds or 393 meals)
  • Shelley will head of project to pass out GLASC logo’d flashing key chains to children walking to Miami Elementary School off Beck Ln.
  • 2020- Looking Ahead:
  • 6th Annual GLASC Health & Safety Expo
  • 2020 Meeting Topics
    • Developing a Safety Action Team
    • Leveraging Safety Resources
    • Gas Detection
    • Understanding FR and ARC ratings
  • Meeting location for 2020 will be SIA
  • Welcome opportunity for other locations or suggestions
    • Community Project SuggestionsDiscuss with GLASC Exec. Board Members

Thank you to our Guest Speaker who was available as a last minute request!   Kenny Young from Chubb Global Risk Advisors. His topic for presentation was:  Leveraging Safety Resources!


We held an Induction of our Elected Officers- 2020-2021 year

  • President- John Sanders
  • Treasurer- Shelley Wuerthner
  • Secretary- Lizda Haro (2020)

We awarded our Outstanding Member Attendance Award to 3 members to attended 10, 9 and 8 meetings this year!

  • Gretchen Bollhoefer- Lafayette Venetian Blind- 8
  • Amanda Nicolas- The Andersons- 9
  • Thomas Shotly- Girtz Industries- 10

We gave awards to members to recognize:

The members named below have helped GLASC grow over the recent years.  We have held meetings at their locations, they have reached out to organizations to help increase our membership and have also helped provide presenters and lunch sponsors for many meetings.  Not only that, these three gentlemen are also our GLASC Trustees.  We want to thank them for their dedication to our council, therefore, on behalf of GLASC, presenting an engraved paperweight with a message, we would like to thank…

  • Brian Brough- SafetyWear- Martin
  • Ryan Griffin- Marketforce
  • Ryan Hasser- Huston Electric

These members have played integral parts of GLASC for many years but have especially helped with Platinum Sponsorships for our GLASC Safety Conference and Expos.  That in turn plays a major part in the success of our Conference and Expo.  We cannot thank either one of these individuals and companies enough. Therefore, on behalf of GLASC, presenting a Crystal engraved Award with a message, we would like to thank…

  • Dean Spahr- Ritz Safety
  • Derik Stohler- Ansell

The last two members we recognized, make it very difficult to put into words every single action they have taken over the years to continue to help make GLASC successful.  Their personal hours spent in relation to GLASC is unattainable.  Their selflessness is inspiring.  The thought and effort they put into our Safety Conference & Expos as well as seeking opportunities to continue to grow our council is outstanding.  We cannot thank either one of these individuals and companies enough. Therefore, on behalf of GLASC, presenting a personally engraved ink pen, we would like to thank…

  • Bobby Williams- ATI Worksite Solutions
  • Shelley Wuerthner- ConAgra Foods

Save the Date: Our January Meeting will be held on the 3rd Wednesday, 1/15/20 at the Subaru Training & Reception Center- Lafayette, IN

Thanks again to everyone for an amazing 2019, here’s to a safe and prosperous 2020!



Our GLASC meeting for November was held at Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.

Thank you to our Lunch Sponsor: Derik Stohler from Ansell.


Thank you to our Guest Speaker:   Derik StohlerAnsell. His topic for presentation was:  How manufacturers can be a helpful partner!

Thanks again to everyone from our location, lunch sponsor and speaker!

2019 Greater Lafayette Area Safety Council’s Safety Expo Winners

2019 Greater Lafayette Area Safety Council’s Safety Expo Winners

Our wonderful Sponsors & Vendors helps provide gifts/ door prizes for all attendees who joined in our Expo & Conference the whole day! Below is a list of the winners!

  1. Steve Quillin- Kirby Risk-  GLASC $50 Amazon Gift Card
  2. Dan Irwin- Evonikl- GLASC $50 Amazon Gift Card
  3. Lizda Haro- Dana- GLASC $50 Amazon Gift Card
  4. John Muienburg- Cascades- Ergo Advantage $20 Amazon Gift Card
  5. Joe Haan-Dayton Phoenix Group- $25 Amazon Gift Card
  6. Ed Callahan- August Mack- $25 Amazon Gift Card
  7. Daniel Anaya- Dupont-  Red Lobster Gift Card
  8. Carol Brown-Dupont- Safety Glasses- Hexarmour
  9. Bill Pattengate- Cascades- Safety Glasses- Hexarmour
  10. Jerry Strok- Evonik- Travel Bag- Purdue University
  11. Joshua Weber- Wabash National- $20 gift card- Ergo Advantage
  12. Nathan Turner- Wabash National- Golf Balls
  13. Kristi Evans- Purdue- Gloves
  14. Thomas Sholty- Girtz Industries- Roadside Kit- GLASC
  15. Jason Burge- Walmart Optical- Purdue travel bag/mug-  3M bag
  16. Jacob Penrod-Evonik- Safety Goggles- Portwest- Roadside Kit- GLASC
  17. Caleb Mikels- Evonik- Echo dot August Mack- Roadsie kit- GLASC
  18. Adam Goodnight- Red Gold- Emergency Kit- GLASC-  Golf package
  19. Shelley Wuerthner- Conagra- Emergency Kit- GLASC  Dunkin gift card
  20. Bobby Williams- ATI Physical Therapy- JBC Speaker- Enviroserve- Orange Beanie- Portwest
  21. Jim Murphy- NTK- Solo Beats- Dunkin gift card
  22. Sondra Shepard-Caravan FM- 32” Tv- GLASC- Safety Jacket
GLASC Expo ’19 Roundtable Discussion

GLASC Expo ’19 Roundtable Discussion

Our attendees broke into groups and brainstormed ways to conquer common challenges that safety professionals face. Our facilitators worked with each group to tackle issues like generating employee ownership, effectively managing safety training, leveraging technology to make our lives easier, how to measure our success, and more! This event was coordinated and overseen by Kevin Beswick, President of RMS Safety and 20-year safety professional.

Click on the links below to see our results!

2019 Round Table Results (Employee Ownership)


2019 Round Table Results (Training)


Fall Protection Demo @ the ’19 GLASC Expo & Conference

Fall Protection Demo @ the ’19 GLASC Expo & Conference

Fall Tech brought their fall protection demo vehicle to the ’19 GLASC Expo and Conference for a full demonstration! Click on the video links below!

What happens when you DO NOT use proper fall protection!


What happens when you DO use proper fall protection!


How a trauma suspension strap works!