Our New Site Is a Hit–So Far, So Good

Our New Site Is a Hit–So Far, So Good

I want thank everyone on the nice comments about this new site.  I’m doing this on WordPress.com and that makes the job far easier than other blog sites that I have fiddled with.  For those who are interested, if you are asked to put a web site together for any group (community organization, professional organization, etc.) WordPress is a good way to go.

The nice thing about WordPress is that it is “blog” centered.  This allows the site authors to quickly update information to the web site.  Web sites are, all too often, stagnant.  This stagnation means that Google will not seek out the site frequently, and you are less likely to be seen on Google searches.  Yahoo and others are the same.  This issue is called SEO (search engine optimization).  Simply, the more you change the site the more likely your site is to be discovered and read by customers.

Continue with your comment and suggestions, please.  If nothing else, see me at our next GLASC meeting.


Mark Brandyberry, CM

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